Organizers Network of Orange County

ONOC History

ONOC History

Back in 2003, I attended my first NAPO conference in Denver, Colorado.  I left Denver with a mission - to start a NAPO chapter in Orange County.  I emailed every NAPO member, asking for their support in this endeavor.  Debbie Gilster called me and asked if I had heard of the Organizers Network of Orange County,  or ONOC.  ONOC was established as an informal interest group with NAPO, with the intent of becoming a chapter.  Debbie told me that ONOC was down to two members, who were basically keeping the telephone line open.

I decided to "re-birth" ONOC and over time, we had over 25 professional organizers, all members of NAPO, attending our meetings.  Unfortunately, philosophical differences over whether to move towards chapterhood became our downfall and ONOC was left with 8 dedicated organizers.  We informed NAPO we were no longer an interest group, closed ONOC to new members and remained a closed group until June 2012.

Without the support of the following professional organizers, I would not have been able to sustain ONOC over the past ten years in Orange County.  I owe them a debt of gratitude and thanks for all they have given to ONOC.

Lisa Guzzo
Denise Ogburn
Karen Embree
Evelyn Rapozo
Amanda Titchenal
Beth Sharkey
Sandra Polett

With deepest thanks and respect,

Barbara Langdorf